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Friday, May 22, 2015

5/21/15 Demeritt Forest

Sixties, mostly sunny, but some wind. Supposed to rain tomorrow so wanted to get in a hike but an easy one with nice footing- no stumbling or climbing.

A tiny stream near the start from the Logan Rd. entrance


I don't know this one

Or this insect

We followed the route shown. Some of the trails are still wet in spots but we avoided those we knew would be very wet. Kelley was happy to be out and took advantage of all the wet spots. We met one woman and her dog but otherwise had the place  to ourselves.

Back at the parking lot we crossed the road and walked a short distance to the river to have our lunch and some big water for Kelley

One last swim

A very pleasant outing. 2 hours


  1. Hi John
    I commented yesterday but forgot to do so under "anon" so it must be lost in space somewhere.
    I'm certainly enjoying your photos (always have, but spring brings new joys). Now , how about a garden one?

    1. Hi Sue- can't find your post but Google isn't showing me the usual list with unpublished posts. Not much in the garden yes- kale and asian vegetables in pots. Just started hardening off tomatoes and peppers and just sowed cukes and squash ( inside)

  2. Does Kelley swim out far or does she stay close to shore?

    1. Hi Kim - she stays quite close to shore - just being in the water seems to be what she wants.


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