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Saturday, May 16, 2015

5/16/15 Neighborhood and Bomarc

Rain and outpatient surgery has kept us off the trails. Today we walked around the neighborhood and over to a small industrial park that was once an air force missile site. It now has a trucking company and several small businesses that have adapted the missile enclosures for their use.

Here are some of the things we saw

A flowering tree in a neighbors yard on the way back

and a patch of wildflowers in my front lawn

Not our usual outing but we managed to get in an hour and a quarter walk so we got some exercise.  Kelley was not at all excited about this outing though she did get to greet a couple of men. When we got back she got in her wading pool which she rarely uses - probably because I had not let her get into a nasty ditch.


  1. Wow-those flowers in your yard are neat! Do you know what they are? I've never seen those before.
    Glad you're up and about ......hope all is well

    1. Hi Sue- I don't know the flowers- they are small - less than a half inch across and grow in patches- I have several of them . I am doing well, thank you.

  2. I like the fire hydrant photo. Heal quick!

    1. Thanks Kim- I'm glad you like that one.

  3. Love all pics especially the flowers. The bottom one looks like creeping phlox. They're so pretty!!!
    Glad that you're recuperating just fine and out and about.


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