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Thursday, May 7, 2015

5/6/15 Stillwater River Trail

Sixties and sunny - another beautiful day. I had a morning appointment which got us off to a late start so we went for a nearby short hike.

I couldn't find a descent map but the trail runs along the river from Main St. in Orono to Bennoch Rd.

Signs of spring at the start

Into the river

Bend in the river

The trail is mostly quite close to the river

and has a varied terrain

Maple flowers floating on a pond

In one section there had been a lot of beaver activity

Back in the water

More signs of spring

Across the river

One last time before we finish

A very pleasant outing on a beautiful day. 1  1/2 hours 


  1. I always like the pictures of the trail running through the trees.

    1. Me too, Kim - thanks for commenting

  2. Beautiful ! It's 86 here in KY and it's supposed to reach 89 and it's not even Summer!! I do not like Summer nor hot miserable days, lol.
    Glad to see Spring has finally arrived there. You'll be planting pretty soon?

    1. Hi Serafina- I don't like heat either. would be fine by me if it never got above 70. I have sowed peas and salad greens, got Asian vegetables potted up and Kale in the ground- peppers, tomatoes, eggplants going inside. It was along winter but the growing begins.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Linda- it's very clear


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