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Thursday, May 14, 2015

5/13/15 University Trrails

We had a series of rainy days and just walked around the neighborhood. Today there was again light rain when we got up but it stopped and we headed out. Won't be able to hike tomorrow because of a medical procedure.

 We haven't been here in quite awhile. Gray, cold and windy. The wind kept me from getting close ups of  flowers on trees or anything else that moved. . The trails had lots of wet spots for me to walk around and Kelley to walk through or lie down . This map is inaccurate and we usually have trouble, as we did today, in the area circled on the map above.

This old tree looked menacing.

An unmoving fungus

The grass is greening up but the leaves are not fully out on the trees.

Woodpeckers really go to this one.

Not an exciting hike but Kelley did well and liked all the water.  2 hours


  1. Best of luck on your medical procedure.

    Love the fungus shot. Some of those types of fungus are edible, altho I don't know which ones. Are you familiar with any of that?

    1. Thanks Kim- the procedure went well - will be a few days of restricted activity so I don't know which fungi are edible. Gabor on my Facebook page hunts them and also a man on a photo forum I'm on. Check out Gabor's page

    2. will do. Glad your procedure went well.

  2. Just love those shots of the trees and fungus. There is so much out there to enjoy. Glad the rain let up for you and best of luck on your "procedure".

    1. Thank you Sue - still little spring stuff to photograph. Outpatient surgery went well- just some restriction on activities for a few days.


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