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Monday, May 25, 2015

5/24/15 Half Mile Pond

Beautiful day - twenty degrees warmer than yesterday, mostly sunny, and less wind. Decided to try this hike we learned about yesterday. I could find no maps of the trails.

It was easy to spot the trail down to the pond.

I believe that is Bald Bluff across the pond and it figures later in our story.

There looked to be a trail to the right along the pond and there were even a couple of old blazes. We were told  this trail was longer than our source wanted to walk but it soon petered out. We bushwhacked around a bit looking for a trail but could not find it ( lots of scrub and difficult for Kelley) and were soon blocked by a stream. I did find an old tree.

Back at the start of the trail there was an old woods road

It went down again but before long it too ended.

Back to the car. Decided to do nearby Bald Bluff - trailhead a few miles up the road from where we hiked yesterday.

 About 5 miles down the road we came to this

I thought maybe our trailhead was not too much further so we walked up the road a bit- no problem walking across the bridge - but at the top of a hill I could not see it ahead and gave up near this flowering tree.

Not a total loss, as there was a pond next to where we parked

so Kelley got some water

A frustrating outing but we got outside on a nice day and got a bit of exercise.


  1. Such a beautiful pond for Kelley to play in.
    We're having incredible winds STILL......I don't know why they are so bad this year. I hope they slow down. It's hard to enjoy the outdoors like that.
    Loved your tree photo. You always find the neatest things.

    1. Hi Sue- thanks for commenting- been windy here too- not destructive- just annoying. Glad you liked the tree- almost didn't post, thinking it a bit offbeat

  2. Sometimes, things don't work out like we want, but it's a healthy outlook to take it all in stride!

  3. Lovely outing - and a beautiful pond! I like your last shot of Kelley in the water.

    1. Thanks Linda - it was a pretty day in spite on not going according to plan.


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