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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

5/5/15 Sunkhaze Wildlife Refuge

Overcast and 60's and Kelley not showing much enthusiasm for going. Decided on an easy hike at Sunkhaze - we haven't been able to hike here in sometime because of the snow.

We usually also do an additional trail but decide on just Johnson Brook today.

Many of the trails in the refuge are old woods roads.

Young pines taking advantage of the light.

We, of course, went to the beaver pond

And then went back to where the trail turns west. We found a lot of blow downs and a trail badly in need of maintenance.

There were several of these "road blocks" to work around but some of the work rounds involved water

There was a sign on the board in the parking lot indicating that sections of the trail were closed due to uneven surfaces of the boardwalks

Though Kelley looked askance we managed to navigate all of them. The second half of the trail was in better shape and we managed to complete the loop. I was glad we had chosen just the one trail, as a usually easy trail was somewhat
 arduous for Kelley because of the trail conditions.  1  1/2 hours 


  1. I'm like Kelley--I like a good beaver pond too,--though I don't think you'd catch me going in for a dip! LOL!

    That boardwalk has really taken a beating--bad winter or it's just old?

    1. Hi Sue.- The warping of the boardwalks is cumulative but this winter has not been kind to them.

  2. Hi John, I tried Johnson Brook Trail last week and it was nearly impassable! I stopped because I had my pack and it was just so much bushwacking and I actually knocked myself down once. With dogs on leashes (why is a long story), it was unmanageable. Why aren't they keeping this up? Such a great spot!

    1. Hi Faith - I don't know but it sounds as though it hasn't improved since we were there- lots of heavy bushwhacking. Glad to hear of your experience as had thought about a return trip.


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