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Monday, February 23, 2015

2/23/15 DeMeritt Forest

A small amount of new snow. Cool - upper teens  - and sunny but temperatures are to drop during the day as the winds pick up. We first went to City Forest but here had not been much trail use and it was a bit of a slog so we gave it up

and went to Demeritt. We usually enter on Logan Rd. but the parking area had not been plowed so we started at Sewall Rd. Not only was the parking area plowed but also the road.

Very nice walking and we met a runner who also appreciated the firm surface, We found that Logan Rd. had also been plowed.

But we reached a point where the plowing stopped

and returned to Sewall Rd. where we met two students who were tracking a snowshoe hare that had a radio collar. After a brief chat we continued to the end of Sewall and then turned back. The side trails had had little or no use until we found this one.

Which didn't last long and we again turned back. After we  left the students I wished I had taken some pictures and when we met them again I asked and they kindly agreed to pose

I liked this but you can't see the antenna very well

 Here you can see the equipment. Kelley thought they were very nice.

They had got there data to locate the hare on a map and walked out with us.

Nice hike - very pretty day, good footing,  and interesting students. I was glad for Kelley to have an easy walking day . 1  1/2 hours


  1. There's no shortage of fine folks out there when you get out into the woods. I've always thought outdoorsy types were the best kind of people!

    1. I agree Sue- kind of a self selection process

  2. super cold day to be out but you two make it seem pretty nice..I thought it was brutal on top of the ridge in Thorndike where I work at Mt. View High School..I wonder if the hares are making a comeback here in Maine

    1. Hi penbayman- I'm ready for winter to be over- I did not ask them if the hares were increasing.


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