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Thursday, February 5, 2015

2/4/15 Loop Road Acadia

Warmer - 20's - with a mix of sun and clouds. More snow predicted. Decided to check out trails at Acadia. There was no place to park on the east side of Long Pond, the west side parking lot had been plowed but no one had been on the trails and they have a least as much snow as we do. We next went to the end of Otter Cove Rd. where you can access the closed Park Loop Rd. It is usually used by snowmobiles ( which make for pretty good footing  ) but no one had been on it - only a couple of snowshoers. We then went to the section of the Loop Rd. that is kept open in winter - we have walked it in past winters and knew it would at least be plowed.

We parked at  Sand Beach parking and headed down to the water. A lot of pics but I had a hard time selecting.

The stairs down were more like a slide

Kelley was very excited but did not go in the water- she doesn't like waves

We then  walked back up to the road and the snow began. We walked to Otter Cliffs Rd. where the open section ends and then walked back past Sand Beach to the entrance station and and then  back to the parking lot.

This section of road is close to the water but visibility was limited by the snow

This turned out to be a nice walk with the pretty snow and good footing. Only three cars passed us and we met a woman and her dog. 1  1/2 hours


  1. The pictures with the water are stunning John!

  2. Beautiful winter pictures. Good work finding a place to hike

  3. Oh my goodness I can see why you had a hard time choosing pictures to post. Just beautiful! Hubby and I were there in 2013 when the government was closed and we couldn't go up to Acadia due to all parks being closed. We were so disappointed. My husband lived there before and did a lot of hiking in the area as well as camping. We were at Seal Harbor, Bar Harbor and other areas...just drove around and took lots of pics. We can't wait to move there! Trying to figure out the real estate laws. One can't buy a house there and insure it and live somewhere else while waiting for retirement, apparently.

    1. Thank you Serafina - it is a beautiful place. Sorry you missed it. I don't know anything about real estate but I meet people on the trails who have houses here and in other states People on this site might have more knowledge:

  4. Oh great!! Thank you, I'll definitely check it out!!


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