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Saturday, February 28, 2015

2/27/15 Snowmobile Trail Near Frye Mountain

A little warmer ( 11 degrees ) but sunny and little wind. This is a trail we had done in the past - both winter and summer but not yet this year. I could not find a map so adapted another to show where we started and where we headed. I could not plot the actual route or how far we got.

We started from the Frye Mt. Game Management parking lot and after a brief section of woods we crossed the road and started up a hill past an apparently abandoned house.

The trail briefly follows an unused logging road and then into the woods

This trail is a real workout with a series of hills and few flat sections

It had been awhile since we did this trail and I thought we had reached the top of something

But the trail swung left and up another hill - looking back down from near the top.

When we reached a point where the trail again dropped down

I decided I did not want to climb back up it  and we turned around. Some shots of sections of the trail on the way back

and the logging road near the end

A beautiful day and mostly peaceful as we were only passed by one pair of snowmobiles and then one was starting out as we came to the end. Kelley seemed happy with the hike and not bothered by the hills- I was tired. 2  1/2 hours 


  1. What a gorgeous day out you had. I really like the little house. I've always wondered how people just "walk away" from a property. Anyway, this was a really pretty hike. Glad you had nice weather. My walk this morning, was MINUS 15 degrees, but no wind, so doable!

    1. Thanks Sue- the wind does make a big difference and for mr also the sun. This was a beautiful day.

  2. What great open spaces you have--on occasion :) I do like your photos a lot.

    1. Thank you Betty - there is lots of space in Maine - lots of woods. not that many people

  3. Love your blue skies and white snow. Looks like Kelley had a great time.

    1. Thanks Linda - Kelley did seem to enjoy it and was not bothered by all the hills- I was tired

  4. Can't tell if you're using snowshoes on the trail or not..will it support you well if you're just wearing boots?

    1. No snowshoes - it supported us well. I never wear snowshoes because Kelley can't deal with deep snow


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