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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

2/10/15 Dover-Foxcroft Area

Cold gray morning but no new snow. After watching Kelley struggle with deep snow yesterday I decided to return to the easy walking at  Dover-Foxcroft and try a different trail. We had done this trail once , a year or two ago and I knew it went through part of the outskirts of the town and wanted to see if we could find a different access point than the Irving. I did find a parking area about 45 minutes into the trail which was after the town and we will try that another day.

Some of the town stuff

Then we got into the woods

There were also some large meadows, making this a quite varied trail We had also passed near a large wood processing area where they were cutting up large trees. We couldn't see much but could hear them.

On the way back I felt we needed  at least one plant in the snow

This was better than I anticipated. The section through the edge of town was not as bad as I remembered , the footing was very good, Kelley seemed to enjoy it, and there were pretty  woods.  3  hours


  1. John, I admire your determination to get out there nearly every day. This has been a challenging winter, but it must be time to start pepper seeds soon. ;-)

    1. Thanks Cindy- it has been challenging - peppers seeds get started mid- April - so a ways to go yet

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Linda- glad you liked them too

  3. Hi John--getting caught up on "missed" posts while I was out of town. LOVE those door shots. You really have a good eye for subjects. Were you "in the business" or just a natural?


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