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Saturday, February 14, 2015

2/13/15 City Forest

Sunny but 5 degrees and windy. We wanted some place with a little protection from the wind and the forest provides that.

Still lots of snow ( and another blizzard forecast for this weekend ) . Fairly well packed so the footing was pretty good.

Neither of the side trails we use to make our loop ( using the rail bed ) had been used so I thought perhaps we could take the rail bed from the end of West, out across the frozen bog toward Forest Ave. When I went down to check it out there had only been a skier or two and Kelley did not even follow me down . The snow was just too deep for her.

That left a return via Main and Loop Rds. They had been plowed in the past and weren't too bad.

When we returned to West near the end we had not yet met anyone and then Kelley's friend Keturah  found us.

We waited for her mistress and while chatting with her we met two other hikers and then a skier as we walked back together.

A pretty day in spite of the cold and wind. 1  3/4 hours


  1. Always nice to run into folks on a walk.

    We're blustery and under a winter storm warning. Good day to stay inside and eat pie. Not good for waistline-ha ha.

  2. The two dogs look very happy to see each other.

    1. They are funny because Keturah will show up alone and then Kelley immediately takes off to meet her mistress before we all get together


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