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Sunday, February 8, 2015

2/7/15 Paul Bunyan Snowmobile Trail

 Ten degrees but mostly sunny and little wind- it was cloudy by the end. Still a problem finding places to hike - and more snow on the way. We had done the part of this trail that runs along the Kenduskeag but hadn't done this section yet this year. We start from the same place at the end of Pushaw Rd.

This section is less isolated, passing houses and crossing roads,  but still has some nice sections of woods.

Kelley doesn't like bridges with spaces between the slats. She usually just goes around but the deep snow was also a problem.

We walked to the edge of airport property and turned back. We had met no snowmobiles but on the way back met about a dozen. They had to really slow down to get by us because this trail is narrow ( not wide enough for two sleds) . We also met a nice couple who were placing geocaches and chatted with them about that. They suggested it would be a fun activity for us along with our hiking. Kelley also got a lot of attention.

Two more trail pics

Not a bad outing- the temperature turned out to be comfortable and the footing was also pretty good. We enjoyed meeting the geocachers.  3  hours 


  1. Looks like it would be great X-country skiing there too..

    1. Yes, last year we met a skier on that trail and sometimes meet them on other snowmobile trails.

  2. Ha! First I hear of geocaches so I had to Google it. That does sound like a fun thing to do!

    1. Hi Serafina- Kim who follows my blog is into that activity and recently found her 3,000th


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