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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2/25/15 Neighborhood

Yesterday we got up to minus 15 degrees and the people from the oil company were to come for furnace repairs that would take all day. Luckily they called to reschedule the repairs because of the extreme cold. We mostly stayed inside but did go out for a brief walk around the neighborhood.

This morning we awoke to another snow storm with several inches already on the ground. So again we just did a couple of walks around the neighborhood. Kelley was, as usual,  excited by the nice fluffy snow.

Coming around the garage

and starting down the drive.

And a couple from the neighborhood

There weren't any people for Kelley to greet this time - people were waiting for the snow to stop before clearing their drives - but it was trash day so there were lots of scents.  In the afternoon the snow stopped and the sun came out. After I cleared the drive I decided we would wait for tomorrow for a hike. 


  1. Wow! Look at all that beautiful snow! Kelley looks very happy.

    1. Hi Linda- yes, she was - for me it's getting a little old


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