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Friday, February 27, 2015

2/26/15 ITS From Dover-Foxcroft

Five degrees, overcast, and windy. The snowmobile trails seem to be our best bet for descent footing so we returned to Dover-Foxcroft We did the section from the Irving ( parking)  to  where the trail crosses Rte. 15 and back.

The trail starts off across an open boggy area and the wind was brutal.

In addition, Kelley was being oppositional and at the intersections wanted to go a different way. She would sit down and I would stop and wait for her to decide to catch up. Not sure what that was about.

Once we got in the woods we were protected from the wind and the footing was good. The woods were pretty with all the snow

One more open area

One more weed in snow- I had decided I'd done a enough of them but then relented at the end of the hike.

Not a bad outing after we got going. Kelley got over wanting her own way and took the lead as usual.
2  1/2 hours 


  1. Glad you decided on the weed photo--I so enjoy those!
    Have a good weekend, John. More frigid temps here. Getting VERY tired of it all.........

    1. Thanks Sue- I think we had one day in last six weeks that the temperature reached 32 and that was for two hours. I'm really tired of it too- Kelley does not mind but the deep snow is a problem for both of us.


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