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Monday, November 10, 2014

11/9/14 Eliot Mountain and Harbor Brook

Much warmer with temps in the 50's and a mix of mostly clouds with some sun. We had not done this loop in awhile and Kelley really likes the brook section.

The Eliot Mt. Trail was still pretty wet on the lower part with water like a small stream running either beside or on the trail. Not much storm damage so there wasn't a lot to work around.

The Eliot summit is wooded but we got a view from a ledge just before the top.

We use the Asticou Trail to get to Harbor Brook. The trail crews have done a lot of work on it.

When we reached the Harbor Brook Trail Kelley was into the water

There is a spot just off the trail where we usually stop for lunch and Kelley knows it and goes right to it. Today there was no place dry to sit so I just took a shot of the brook and we moved on.

This trail is mostly right next to the stream and Kelley gets in numerous times.

Waiting patiently

Nearing the end

There had been more downed trees and branches on the brook trail but still not bad. It was a nice quiet day in the woods - we didn't meet anyone and Kelley had lots of water. She seemed in good spirits and even more agile than usual.  2  1/2 hours 


  1. Lots of water.....looks like Kelley's kind of trail!

  2. That is one beautiful trail. I especially love the shot of the stairs. Beautiful!!

  3. Thanks Sue- very large slabs of stone

  4. A much better day for a hike I assume? Trails to yourself for the most part..

    1. Much better, penbayman-and we didn't meat a soul

  5. I love those stone steps - I'd spend half the day photographing those.

    1. Hi Kim- that is one of several sets they have worked on.


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