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Saturday, November 22, 2014

11/21/14 Demeritt Forest

Mix of sun and clouds, 20's, and windy. Not a very nice day. We started from the Logan Rd. entrance and followed the route marked. The old wood roads were fine but the other trails had a lot of water with thin ice that neither of us like. I took few pictures because I was reluctant to remove my gloves.

Starting out

Some leaves under the thin ice

After we finished our route we walked across the road to the river which was not frozen.

Kelley got in but does not like large rivers- she's a pond girl- so didn't venture far from shore

Not a bad hike in spite of the cold - it's going to get much colder. Last year I left my mitts on top of the car and drove off and I and need to replace them- much warmer than gloves- especially with warmers.  2 hours 


  1. Love that shot of the leaves under the ice.....very pretty!

    I can deal with cold, but the wind---no thanks. I admire the fact that you seem to get out irregardless of the weather.

    1. Thanks Sue- Kelley needs to exercise so out we go- we rarely miss a day.

  2. I agree with Sue - I admire your drive and dedication.


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