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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

11/15/14 Little River Trail

 Computer problems  have kept me from posting for a couple of days. This hike was last Saturday.

Cold and windy but mostly sunny. We usually start from the other end (water most of the way) but today we started from the ball field end, just for a change .

Five minutes into the hike Kelley found water anyway

The first part of the trail is boggy and there was more snow on the bridges than anywhere

Little River- it really is little when you first reach it.

No more flowers or insects

Thought trail from this point stays close to the river or reservoirs, most of the bank is too difficult for Kelley to get in and out:; we hiked to a spot near the spillway where I knew she could get in for a good swim

We then returned the way we had come. We met no one until a couple near the end. Kelley was happy to see them and they gave her some attention as we chatted. They had recently moved to the area..

A pretty good hike  3  1/2 hours 


  1. I like the little bridges. Does Kelly like to walk on them or not?

    1. Hi Kim- When we first started hiking she would not go on them at all. Now she mostly uses them but sometimes won't and I cannot tell why some are OK and some not.Same thin with larger bridges

  2. It looks to cold to be swimming! Kelley must have thick fur.

    1. Hi Linda- We have been out in below zero weather and if she can find open water she;s in it. Labs have I found this online "Their hair coat is a distinctive feature. They have a double coat—the soft undercoat is weather-resistant and acts as an insulating layer that protects the dog from extreme cold, from getting wet, or from any type of terrain or ground cover while the dense straight outer coat is coarse reinforces the hair coat’s waterproof quality. The soft undercoat also allows the body’s natural oils to repel moisture."

  3. Love the trail..did you try out the rope swing?

    1. Ha ha - penbayman- Kelley would have if she could


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