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Saturday, November 1, 2014

10/30/14 Barrens of Upper Long Pond Road

This is an area of blueberry barrens , woods, and meadows along an abandoned road in Dedham  Maine. We were here once before a little over a year ago. Since then they have cut a lot of trees along the road and left the area next to the road a bit of a mess. There are still the nice views. Supposed to be sunny but we got a mix of sun and clouds.

We walked the road as well as some side roads and this is what we saw.

There was once a settlement here and you can still find old stone walls and a small cemetery. looked like the dates were all in the 1800's .

On the way back we took a short road/drive down to the pond. There were several camps but luckily no one around to witness our trespassing. 

 Kelley found a way into the water

Nice change of pace for us. 2 hours


  1. Always such stunning scenery! You really live in a gorgeous area--you're so lucky to have a good walking partner! Good Kelley!

    1. Thanks Sue- I am lucky to live here- this is about a half hour from home. - and lucky to have Kelley too


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