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Friday, November 14, 2014

11/14/14 Essex Woods

Yesterday we went to Marsh Island but Kelley was not at all enthusiastic. She did not appear lame but just wasn't into it so after half an hour we turned back and called it a day.

This morning we awoke to about two inches of new snow ( last weeks was pretty much gone) and it was the wet stick kind so it was pretty. I decided , after yesterday, to have an easy day so we went to nearby Essex Woods. There is a dog park next to the parking lot but it was empty when we arrived. We just wandered the trails and the rail bed for awhile and met two men with friendly dogs so that was nice.

Some pictures of the snow.

This is the end of the same old rail bed we walk next to City Forest. In winter when the bogs are frozen we sometimes walk to here from the forest.

Instead of returning the way we came Kelley wanted to climb the hill that is used by sledders when there is enough snow. This brought us out behind the dog park and there were now two women with their dogs so we joined them. Kelley greeted the dogs but was more interested in going back and forth between the women getting attention from them. A pretty morning and a pleasant little outing.


  1. A beautiful morning indeed.

    We're supposed to get 3" of snow tonight ourselves, so we'll see. It's awfully early for us.

  2. The snow is beautiful! We only got freezing rain here the other day....

    1. It was pretty- mostly gone now and rain in next couple of days


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