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Sunday, November 30, 2014

11/29/14 City Forest

Seventeen degrees but sunny and no wind so it did not feel that cold. Yesterday we had come here but the road into the parking lot was not plowed and the meadow was a struggle for Kelley so we went to Essex Woods - more deep  snow so we went to the dog park there. Today the road was still not plowed but there had been enough people across the meadow for a path to be packed down a bit. At the parking spot we met one of Kelley's friends, Katurah and her person and walked a ways with them

Unfortunately the beaver pond was frozen so no swim for Kelley.

We parted with our friends at the West Trail as they were taking a different route. It was a beautiful day in the woods so you will have to pardon the excessive number of pics.

When we got to the junction of the Main Rd. rail bed we found only a skier had been on the rail bed and Main Rd.  and it was not plowed

 We had passed our side trail between West and the rail bed and knew no one had been on it so we didn't want to do the rail bed and decided to slog down Main and hope the Loop Rd. was plowed.

Kelley seemed in good shape and not struggling with the snow and we found  the Loop Rd. had been plowed

An unused side trail

We took a little connector from Loop back to West Trail and then back the way we had come.

Kelley waiting as I climbed the hill from the pond

And a look back down toward the pond

A nice hike on a beautiful day we met several people and dogs and the sunny weather seemed to leave everyone in a good mood.  2 hours


  1. I don't think there is ANYTHING prettier than snow laden pines. Gorgeous!
    Do you ski at all?

    1. Thanks Sue - I used to do a little cross country but not since I started hiking with Kelley - no downhill

  2. The snowy forest photos are so beautiful!

  3. It's been an up and down temperature wise lately,,Probably not a lot of Kelley snow left after yesterday and last nite..

    1. It certainly has been up and down-but we still have several inches on the ground - warm again today


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