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Friday, November 28, 2014

11/27/14 Thanksgiving Snow

We woke to 12 inches of new snow. Kelley gets very excited and we had to get out in it before I could clear the drive.

Then we met Kelley's friend Fenton

Back to do the driveway

And then another walk. This time Homer was outside.

A happy day for Kelley . When we got back home you would not come in and stayed out in the snow for a good while. 


  1. Wow-what a fun day to be Kelley.
    Beautiful snow--always a nice surprise ( I imagine not so nice if you have to clean the driveway all the time!)
    I had to make do with a few inches of fresh powder--but did manage a nice ski after all.

    1. Hi Sue- it was a fun day for Kelley- glad you got to enjoy snow too. I just looked at your blog but couldn't find a way to become a member so I could post a comment. Think I missed you were in Michigan - I grew up in Port Huron

  2. Cute photos! Kelley looks so happy. Wish our mountains would get some of that snow. It's raining up there today....

    1. Thanks Linda - we have had weird weather too- two days before the snow it was in upper 50's and raining - this morning 13 degrees

  3. Love the photos of Kelley running in the snow. My black lab used to do that too. She would go crazy out there. I sure miss seeing her do that.


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