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Friday, November 7, 2014

11/6/14 Walden

Printer still not working so no map

Gray and 30's with rain in the forecast.  ( more rain for tomorrow) Back to nearby Walden with a little different route- following Kelley's lead

She took us on a side trail that led to this pond but it had a thin skin of ice along the shore so she would not enter.

Back to the Loop Trail and out to the old rail bed. A section we didn't do last time. This part is less open and had a lot more storm damage. Lots of work arounds.

Kelley spotted water running across an old woods road so we went down to it. 

Another pond with a skin of ice along the shore

and some Lichen

We got in 2 hours without getting rained on, there was lots of water for Kelley, and a pretty good hike in spite of working around all the fallen trees- and getting very wet feet. 


  1. Nice looking place for a walk for you and your companion.

    Is this the rather famous Walden?

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. Hi Stewart. No, this is a land trust near my home in Bangor, Maine


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