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Thursday, July 10, 2014

7/9/14 Belfast Habor

Something a little different. Tired of fighting the deer flies and tired in general,  we drove to Belfast and walked around the harbor for an hour and a quarter. Quite warm but no bugs.

Near where we park there is access to the shore but today the tide was in so we couldn't walk  it.

Kelley, however, was able to get in a swim.

There were lots of roses growing by the walk along the harbor- both red and white

Belfast has some tourists but is more of a regular town with a working harbor- fishermen, busy boat works, etc.

A huge boat lift

The area near the boat launch offered another chance for a swim

We walked a couple of blocks on a street a block over from the harbor and found  these unusual planters

and some flowers

A pretty nice outing- easy and different- and no bugs.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Linda- Kelley liked it too - no waves which she does not like.

  2. Love seeing the sea like that. Any shells on those shores?

    1. Thanks for commenting Kim- because of the tide we didn't get to walk the beach but normally not very exciting shells- not like Florida or the Carolinas


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