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Saturday, July 26, 2014

7/25/14 Partridge and Ducktail Ponds

Beautiful sunny day in the 70's . We started from the Partridge Pond trail head and there were few mosquitoes and no deer flies. As we neared the ponds we started to encounter the flies and on the trail to Partridge they were pretty thick. When we got to Partridge Pond it was really bad- when I lifted my camera to take a picture 5 or 6 landed on my camera.

We usually do the trail that continues on to the end of Partridge but skipped it today and head back to do Ducktail

Flies were thick there too, but when we got back on the main trail there were only a few and I got a couple of pictures.

Without the flies this would have been a really nice hike. Still a pretty day and lots of water for Kelley

1 3/4 hours


  1. REALLY liked the wood picture--kind of like a face looking down the road of life. I don't remember the flies being as bad as they seem to be this year or am I wrong since I generally come up in the Fall. Have been in touch with Linda in Oregon--look forward to doing some of the hikes she has been on next year. Going for walk on the beach--HOT and Humid--what a surprise! Brother Tom

    1. Thanks Tom - it looked like an old man to me too. You were here after deer fly season

  2. Darn flies! Yes, I did a hike recently where I was attacked my mosquitoes. Looks like you were still able to get some great shots.

  3. Thanks Linda- yes the flies have been terrible this year

  4. I really liked that wood photo too. No problems leaving a comment today. Is blogger working better yet?

    1. Thanks Kim- I'm on a different computer- problem not with blog but other computer


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