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Thursday, July 3, 2014

7/2/14 Little Long Pond

Another hot day but the forecast for Acadia is ten degrees cooler so that's where we headed. We couldn't get into our usual parking lot, because it was blocked by people hitching horses to a wagon, so we started from the other side and did the loop around the pond.

Kelley was, as usual,  in the water first thing.

This is one of her favorite hikes because there is water most of the way and also people and dogs. I found lots of flowers.

When we got to Jordan stream, we found it much lower than on our last visit.

These leaves looked almost like fall was on the way

This damselfly seemed to be looking at me

Looking back down the trail as we have an apple break

North end of the pond

and from a little further south

More lily pads

Near the end I spotted a loon quite close to shore- not a common sight for me

Pretty good hike- some mosquitoes but no deer flies. 76 degrees when we finished- 91 degrees when we got back to town . Kelley was her usual enthusiastic self and we met several people and dogs.  2 hours


  1. Great flower shots! And the pic of Kelley in the water always makes me smile.

    1. Thanks, Linda- Kelley in the water makes me smile too


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