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Sunday, July 27, 2014

7/26/14 Catherine Mountain

Warmer and more humid. We picked this area because there are several hikes to chose from. Our first choice was Tunk Mt. but when we stopped the car it was surrounded by deer flies and we did not even get out. We then drove to the Catherine Mt, trail head and found no deer flies- it's a couple of miles away ???  During the entire hike 4 or 5 found Kelley and I quickly dispatched them.

The first part of the trail is fairly dense woods.

Too early for this

An interesting fungus

Further up you start to get some views

and areas of ledge .

It's hot up here

Part way down the other side there is a short trail that takes you to the Catherine Cliffs with some more open views ( you have to watch carefully for this trail as there are no markers)

Then we turned back to return the way we came.

It doesn't have to be a lot of water

Two more views from the trail

Flowers or weeds ?

Turned out to be a pretty good hike- we usually don't see anyone on this hike but on the way up met a couple and their two children and on the way down another couple. This made Kelley happy. There were also enough small pools of water for Kelley to cool off.  2  1/2 hours 


  1. Poor Kelley! With the lack of serious swimming water, this hike probably is not high on her list...

    1. Anonymous because my blog is screwed up. Are you having any problems with yours? No serious swimming water but enough small pools for her to cool off.

  2. Thanks Kim- still having problems- even on the other computer -very frustrating


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