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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

7/1/14 Essex Woods

Going to be 90 degrees and already uncomfortable in the morning. Even Kelley was not enthusiastic so, a short nearby hike and then time in the shade. I found the above map after our hike. It has the trails we wandered but I couldn't say which we were on except along the marsh where Kelley could get in the water.

I did get a few pictures on our 45 minute walk

There were lots of ducks in the water but Kelley paid them no mind.

We ere both glad to be back in the car. On a positive note- there were few mosquitoes or deer flies. 


  1. My lab used to go crazy for the ducks. She would swim out of our bay to follow them.

    1. Hi Kim- i think Kelley was absent when they gave out the retriever genes.


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