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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

7/21/14 Perch Pond

Another nice day. New map for Perch Pond trails and we decided to check it out. Started on North Trail - mosquitoes but few deer flies. Once we hit the Spruce Road, there were lots of them but they diminished again once we got back into the woods. The map is still confusing and had us going in circles again. Kelley was very happy when we got to the pond.

I neglected to take pictures because I was focused on trying to sort out the trails and maps- I also had the old map. Only one more - a clump of grass growing through a knot hole in a small bridge.

A pretty day but it was frustrating trying to sort the trails- Kelley didn't seem to mind. 2  1/2 hours


  1. I like that grass photo.

    Are there actually perch in Perch Pond? We used to go perch fishing at Lake Michigan all the time.

    Well, I'm supposed to go hiking with a blogger friend today. We'll see how that pans out - it's supposed to be 105 with the heat index. Ick.

    1. Thanks, Kim- I don't know what fish are in the pond- I used to catch yellow perch in Lake Huron and the St Clair River when I lived in Michigan.

  2. Kelley looks very happy to be swimming! If your brother is interested in Oregon, tell him our summers are usually very nice - we only get on the average one week of very hot weather. And it usually doesn't rain much at all between July and October.

    1. Kelley is always happy to be swimming. I will give Tom your info- thanks.

  3. Tried to comment on Linda's Blog and had the same problems in that I still don't have a google account but her blog does not give the option of anonymous, so I don't know how to post around it--Brother Tom

  4. Hi Tom- I sent her an email asking how in case she missed this.


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