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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

7/7/14 Down East Sunrise Trail

This is an 85 mile rail-trail that we have only done the first parts of. Once again, we were looking for a dry trail that was easy. A little warmer and more humid. Few mosquitoes or deer flies at the start but the deer flies increased as we progressed.

Start of the trail

Because it is mostly open to the sun there were flowers and insects.

The trail crosses the Card Mill Stream but the banks were too steep for Kelley to get down to it.

She was able to find water in the ditches beside the trail and some small pools but I was taking here to a better spot. This woods road/rail leads to , what I think is,  the end of Donnell Pond.

There was water behind a beaver dam that she got into before we reached the pond but she was really happy when we did reach the pond

Unfortunately the trail to,  and the pond area had lots more deer flies and we din't stay long.

On the way back we found more flowers and insects.

I have photographed several crab spiders and everyone of them was eating. Here we have a couple of scavengers waiting their turn.

In spite of the bugs, not a bad hike. We met two other walkers and saw one man on an ATV. Kelley was able to find enough water to cool off and seemed to enjoy the hike.  3 hours 


  1. Hi Kim- mine too- It was the last I found near the end of the hike.

  2. Beautiful pictures of a wonderful hike-- Donnell Pond must be great!

  3. Thank you, Faith- we found the pond by accident the first time and that was very nice.


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