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Thursday, May 1, 2014

4/30/14 Blackcap Mountain

This map has been adapted by me so the trails should be viewed as only approximate. We start from a scout camp.

Mix of sun and clouds and 40's but supposed to rain the next three days so we wanted to get in a good one. This is also not far from home which will give me more time to catch up on garden work.

We parked at the pond near the boat launch and Kelley had a swim before we started the hike.

To get to the mountain trailhead you start off on the trail which circles the pond.

Parts of this trail are wet- they almost always are as the trail is mostly close to the pond

Once you start up the mountain trail it is mostly dry. The trail is fairly steep with rocky spots and there has not been any trail clearing so there was lots of limbs on the trail along with some fallen trees. There are several spots on the trail where Kelley had to find work arounds.

Part way up you reach a large slab of open granite and it feels like you are near the top
Looking back down

But you are soon back in the woods with a ways to go

View from the summit. The summit itself is not pretty with 8 or 9 towers up there.

Kelley having a little break

The trail continues along the ridge and you are back in some pretty woods

There are ledges just off the trail with views

The plan was to go down the Blue and White Trail to the pond but once again, it was confusing and we found also red blazes and a place Kelley couldn't get around- that trail is very difficult for Kelley and she didn't need to deal with it today so I looked around for the trail we wanted and then gave up and we returned the way we came.

Found a flowering bush on the way down

Had not been any water above, so Kelley was happy when we got back down to the pond.

Not the prettiest day and a bit strenuous but still a good hike.  2 1/4 hours


  1. Great views and water for Kelley - a win-win hike!

    1. It was, Linda- Kelley is so happy the ice is gone she gets into water every chance she gets.

  2. Beautiful views and I liked all the rocks.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Kim - lots of granite in Maine


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