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Friday, May 30, 2014

5/29/14 Walker Ridge and Georges Highland Path Area

Yesterday was cold with rainy periods and we just walked around the neighborhood, though Kelley got to play with two of her friends. Today is sunny and warmer. Decided to try to sort out a confusing area. This winter we had done the GHP and the snowmobile trail ( which starts right next to the GHP) and both seemed to have been rerouted with us ending at a spot different than we had found in the past.

We started on the snowmobile trail near Walker Ridge Rd which started out wet

but  became quite marshy and I thought I could walk around it but soon found myself in water over the tops of my boots. I had to stop and pour the water out of my boots. The next section is a large meadow with markers and snowmobile tracks in winter- today just the meadow.

At the top of the hill you turn past an old farm that appears abandoned .

An old piece of machinery

and back in March

We started down the logging road but instead of turning onto the snowmobile trail we continued on the logging road and found these blossoms. Berries, I think.

As we neared the point that was confusing I spotted a skull I had photographed before and thought we were on the right track

At our destination there had been a lot of timber harvesting and it was more confusing than the last time we had tried this.

After failing to sort it out we did find the GHP but it was not consistent with the map either- We had not crossed it on the road in. We took it back anyway and it was a nice woods walk.

Crossing the road the GHP and snowmobile trails coincide and we were going to follow the GHP to Walker Ridge Rd. - we hadn't walked that section- but missed the turn and ended up following the snowmobile trail. We then walked up the road to the GHP and followed it back. I got my first insect of the year.

Not the hike we envisioned and it didn't help sort out the trails but it had been a beautiful day and we enjoyed it anyway.  2  1/4 hours


  1. I like the photo of the old farm machinery, and laughed when you mentioned having to dump water out of your boots.

  2. Thanks, Linda- at least it wasn't 30 degrees- waterproof seems to work both ways.


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