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Friday, May 23, 2014

5/22/14 Glenburn Snowmobile Trail

Sunny morning with rain predicted later. I wanted something easy for Kelley and close so we could get our hike in before the rain ( it never did rain). We have done these trails many times in winter when everything is frozen and snow covered but never in spring or summer. We started from Hudson Rd. and the meadow showed no signs of it's winter use.

And there were wildflowers and flowering bushes.

We had to search a bit for where the trail entered the woods but once found it was in good shape- dry and not overgrown because of the lack of sun. After a bit we came to a wet section

I was able to walk along side the trail and hoped for drier conditions ahead but then we hit this section

OK, we will bushwhack around- and we did but there was a lot of water everywhere

More walking along beside the trail until we reached this section

I could not see the end of water on either side and decided it was time to give up. We headed back the way we had come.

Back near the start. Kelley loved all the water. of course,  but I was surprised how much exploring of the meadows she did.

This did not go as planned but it was a pretty day. A short but interesting hike  1  1/2 hours


  1. Such a different perspective of the trails between winter and spring.

    Does Kelley come when you call her when she's in the water?

    1. Yes, Kim- and one we weren't expecting. Usually she comes but when she's in the water I don't usually call her- she doesn't stay that long in each particular spot.


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