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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

5/13/14 Perch Pond Trails

Cooler today ( 40's and 50's) but sunny and still nice hiking weather. These trail continue to be confusing because the map is not accurate. There are trails not on the map, intersections with no sign or intersection number, and intersection numbers that are not on the map.The trails. however were nicely built.

We started from the South Trail parking area ( not shown on the map) and took that to the Hundred Acre Wood and over to The Long Way Home.

It was nice to see the leaves coming out on the trees.

We thought we were doing pretty well until we came to an intersection with a number that was not on the map. We tried two directions and eventually ended up at intersection 24- we know not how. We took the trail to the pond and  walked that to intersection 20 which I intended to take- Kelley wanted to stay by the pond so we back tracked and found a spot for lunch.

I think these are blueberries

We took the Wild Kingdom Trail back to South- with a misstep when I turned too soon and we ended up at a gate and a paved road- don't know which road.

Backed up and got on the trail back to our car. The hike had been a bit frustrating because of the difficult map- I decide the best strategy in future would be to just wander trails , forget the map, and then find a trail you knew when you wanted to finish, Still a beautiful day in pretty woods.  3 hours


  1. Nice day for a good long walk. Do you ever pick and eat the blueberries?

    1. Yes, Kim, it was. We find blueberries along many of the trails we hike and they make a nice snack. Kelley likes them too but I haven't been able to get her to pick her own ( the bushes are very low and she could easily manage)


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