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Saturday, May 31, 2014

5/30/14 Lead Mountain

I could not find a map for this trail and had found two sets of directions- one obviously older than the other. We had tried this hike several years ago without reaching the summit and ended up wandering around in the woods. We had a beautiful sunny day with moderate temperatures.

The trail starts out on a service road

and then turns onto an ATV trail that was not in good shape- deeply rutted with lots of large rocks. The climb was pretty much straight up and fairly steep. I did get a couple of pics on the way up with my macro- not the sharpest.

We did reach the top and found the old fire tower in the woods- here is one of the bases

The only views from the top are from a small tower ( 7 or 8 ft.) you can climb and hang onto the side of  to get a view over the tops of the trees. All of those pictures were way out of focus because of wrong camera settings. We headed back down.

Not the best hike we have done but we did get a good work out., found the summit, and there was water for Kelley. 2  1/4 hours


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    1. Thanks, Linda- otherwise not a good day for photography


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