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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

5/5/14 Demeritt Forest

Cool and gray- was supposed to be sunny and warmer. We hadn't been here since it was snow covered and the start from Logan Rd. looked promising.

As did the start of the Green Trail

but it turned out to be a very wet trail

which Kelley didn't mind

we completed the loop and then started down the Blue toward the Yellow but it was also very wet so we went the other way. When we got to the 9 intersection I took a trail that was not blazed and that didn't go very far. We turned around again and went through some nice woods

but ended up back on a road. After a bit I could see the parking area and realized we we were back on the Logan Rd. I turned to head back to another trail but Kelley sat and refused to follow me. When I turned and headed for the car she followed me. She apparently had had enough, after only an hour-very unusual . It then started to sprinkle and I gave up. Kelley had seemed  happy with all the water and didn't show any signs of distress. Tomorrow will be telling. 


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