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Thursday, May 22, 2014

5/21/14 Caribou Mountain

As I said we were hiking today. Light rain and 50's but off we went. I had checked the weather for the various areas we hike and this had the lowest probability of rain.

We started from the trailhead on Dynamite Brook Rd. No rain to start but we soon had light drizzle which continued on and off for the whole hike. We took what used to be called the Caribou Connector and the first part is pretty wet

 and also had some flowering bushes

This short trail takes you up to the Caribou Loop Trail, which is quite long and we did not intend to do the whole loop. The Connector has some pretty sections

You reach the Caribou Trail at an open ledge that usually has nice views- not today

We turned west and soon crossed a small stream

There are other open ledges on the trail but the clouds and fog never cleared

When we reached a long downhill stretch I decided it was time to turn back and we returned the way we had come.

Going back down the Connector

A damp hike but Kelley was happy to be out in the woods and it was very peaceful and quiet-we met no one. The footing was a bit iffy with wet ledge and mossy boulders but I  managed not to fall. Kelley had a few places to work around but only one place where I had to help her.  3 hours 


  1. I sometimes like hiking in the rain. No worries about it being too hot, and I sometimes get some nice photographs. I'm sure Kelley didn't mind the dampness!

  2. Hi Linda- I like it too- if it's not too cold - and you are right about pictures and Kelley.


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