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Thursday, May 8, 2014

5/7/14 Catherine Mountain

A beautiful day- mid 50's to low 60's , sunny, and little wind. We started from the trailhead on Dynamite Brook Rd. The climb up made me realize how many of our hikes this winter had been basically flat. The trail is not difficult and there were only a couple of spots Kelley had to work around. I was hoping for some wildflowers but still none to be found. Here is what we did see.

Some nice views

If I stop to take pictures, Kelley has a rest

A pile of rocks referred to as 'the chair'

Kelley found water on top of the mountain

There were three of these buzzards flying about

 We hiked to the cliffs on the other side of the mountain and then turned back. Once again we tried to find the alternate trail - as usual we start at some red blazes which quickly become confusing and then disappear and we wander about looking for a trail and end up bushwhacking back to the main trail.

On the way down we usually take the trail to Caribou which ends at a large ledge with nice views and have our lunch there. We started and I decided I wasn't up for another climb and Kelley agreed with me.

It had been a beautiful day and a very nice hike. 2  1/2 hours


  1. I liked the photo with the water in the distance.

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting, Kim


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