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Friday, March 7, 2014

3/6/14 Sheepscot Headwaters Trails

A little warmer ( 12 to start and 24 at end) , sunny, and no wind. Decided to try the trails from Halldale Rd. to get to Hogback to see if we could find the other end of the trail we missed the other day coming from Walker Ridge Rd.. The trail up Whitten Hill had a nicely packed path and was easy walking.

The Northern Headwaters Trail had the same conditions and is a pretty trail

Problems began when we turned onto the Hemlock Hollow Trail. No recent traffic and it looked like a lone snowshoer in the past. They had not created a crust and it was a plod through snow from 10 inches and deeper to an occasional  knee deep lurch.

I decided to continue, hoping conditions would improve after we crossed Halldale but more likely on the Hogback connector. This turned out to be not the case. More tromping through snow. I fell several times when I hit deep pockets but the snow was soft. I did, however, rip the knee in my pants

Next chance was that people had done the Bog Brook Loop. Nope- more plodding

We got a short break when someone had followed the trail with some heavy machinery

After a very short distance they turned back into the woods and the rest of the hike was as it had been since we got on the hemlock. We have done several hikes here in winter and I have never seen the trails with this little use. It seemed that people had only used the Northern Headwaters Loop. Kelley did not seem bothered by the snow ( she did not sink as deep as I did ) and was enthusiastic throughout. When we reached the parking lot she headed back over to the trailhead. I had had enough. It had been pretty but somewhat arduous. 2  1/4 hours

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