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Thursday, March 20, 2014

3/19/14 Walden Parke

Rain forecast for tonight and tomorrow so we wanted to get in a good one today. Sunny when we started with 24 degrees and no wind. We hadn't been here since the last storm and found the trails had not had much use and were a bit rough, with frozen tracks.

The Loop Trail had had mostly ski use and was a little better.

When we got to the rail bed we found even less use but thought once we reached the spot where the snowmobile trail joined the rail bed we would have good footing and this turned out to be true. Someone had drawn a large sign in the snow asking the snowmobilers to please flatten the section they had not been on--I don't think they are supposed to use that section but sometimes they do. Tried to get a picture of it but failed.

At this point Kelley spotted a skier with her dog and ran over to greet them.

She was giving up on the trails and hoped the rail bed would be better skiing and  it was.

We followed the rail bed to where it turns out onto the frozen bog and turned back.

On the way back we met another skier who lived in the area and shared some of the area history with us.

Kelley likes to take the snowmobile trail to an unnamed trail and that back to the Loop Trail. Today we found no one had been on the unnamed trail and it was a bit of a slog- for me- the crust mostly supported Kelley.

Not as good  footing as the last couple of hikes but still a  pretty day in the woods and a good hike. Easier for Kelley than me. 2  3/4 hours 

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