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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

3/18/14 Glenburn Snowmobile Trails

Warmer- 16 when we started, sunny, and less wind- pretty good hiking weather. Decided our best bet was still snowmobile trails so we headed for nearby Glenburn - a little over 6 miles from home. We parked at the closed store on Hudson Rd. and hiked to Pushaw Lake and back. The trail was well packed snow which made for easy walking. Kelley mostly stayed on the trail as off trail she would sometimes break through the crust to still quite deep snow.

A marshy area along the trail

Pushaw Lake

A pretty nice hike on a beautiful day. Again, we met no one until on the way back we stopped to talk to the man cutting lumber in the woods near the start- Kelley ran over to greet him as she had before. 2  3/4 hours 


  1. Just looked at radar for my work and saw you are getting it again!! Welcome to Spring!! Your seedlings will have to stay indoors much longer this year I think. Brother Tom

    1. Hi Tom- yes, I'm looking out at 2 or 3 inches of fresh snow with maybe more coming, There seems to be no end to it.

  2. Sorry to hear you're getting snow again. Is this normal out by you or are you getting more than usual?

    1. Hi Kim-- I think we have it later this year -it's been colder also so the snow we have had stayed. A couple of inches of new snow this morning and then it turned to rain, Still a lot of snow on the ground.


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