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Sunday, March 30, 2014

3/29/14 Snowmobile Trails

Rained most of yesterday so was afraid the trails would be mushy. But the trail behind the house was in pretty good shape so we took that. Still quite a bit of snow in spite of the rain. Stepping off the trail put me in about a foot of snow.

Kelley was not able to explore as she has because the crust no longer supported her either and walking off the trail was a struggle.

An old trail sign


A couple of years ago, near where the map indicates 'Glenburn Connection' , we had explored near some abandoned buildings and found the other end of the memorial trail we could not find two days ago. The trails in that area have changed but we saw the buildings across a large field. Unfortunately no snowmobiles had gone in that direction and the snow was to deep to slog through so we gave up on that. 

We did take a trail that was the trail across Pushaw Rd. we had found two days ago and that would link us with the Glenburn trails but that was the confusing area and we will try that again another day.

It had been much warmer and a pleasant day- on the way back there were places on the trail where I broke through so some definite melting. A nice 3 hour hike 

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