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Saturday, March 22, 2014

3/22/14 Demeritt Forest

About 30 and overcast with another winter weather warning for this afternoon and tonight-- 3-5 more inches of snow predicted. Hoping for better than yesterday we elected to try the forest which had been good last time we were here. Logan Rd. had not been groomed as it had last time but the surface, though a bit rough , was firm. Before we were out of sight of the parking lot Kelley got excited and stated barking. I could see another car in the lot and soon a man and his dog.

Kelley and Yogi

We walked along with them until the trail intersection and we took the green and they the blue. The trails had also not been groomed but were smoother with good footing. You can trace our route on the map above.

The Sewall Rd. section was the roughest but If I stayed in prior tracks I did not break through often. The Black Trails were good as were the rest that we took, avoiding a return to Sewall.

I recently read that dogs have an excellent memory for place and this seems to be true for Kelley. There are trails on which we stop for our apple or for lunch at the same place. She always go directly to them. On the Red Trail there is a bench where we have had lunch a couple of times and today she beat me to it .

This tree seemed to be watching us

Waiting for me to take a picture, again

It got darker as we hiked but did not start to snow and the temperature was comfortable with no wind. The footing was mostly good for me and all good for Kelley as the crust supported her even off the trail. We met no one after our initial encounter and it was very peaceful - a good hike.  3 hours

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