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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

3/5/14 Snowmobile Trails

Another cold one. Kelley woke me at 5:00 but I stalled 'till 9:30 when it got up to 9 degrees. I didn't want to go out and wanted less to drive somewhere, so it was out the back door and  down the easement to the snowmobile trails. Kelley was very enthusiastic, running ahead and ranging beside the trail sniffing out whatever had been around since the last time we were here. The trail was packed snow and easy walking with only a couple of icy patches on the open marshy area before Church Rd. At one point a narrow dirt road crosses the trail and I couldn't remember what was up there so we climbed the hill to find out.  It was a business of some sort - no name and no people. There was a large three door garage, a gas pump, several trailers, and this old truck.

Some of the other things we saw along the trail

We walked for about an hour and then turned around, making it a two hour hike. We didn't meet anyone and it was nice having it all to ourselves. I was not uncomfortable once I got warmed up. There have been many times when I did not want to hike but went anyway and always, at some point I think, " this was a good choice- I'm glad we came". 


  1. Tell Kelley that 5 am is too early. LOL. I sometimes feel the same way about running. I don't feel like doing it but I'm always glad I did afterwards.

    1. Thanks for commenting,Kim - Kelley doesn't listen to me. I had the same experience when I was running.


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