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Sunday, March 23, 2014

3/23/14 Walker Ridge Area

Still a problem finding places to hike. Decided on the roads at Walker Ridge. The game management people have a building  there so there is parking. Just beyond there are no vehicles ( except snowmobiles) allowed in winter- in summer I think they are mainly logging roads. We decided to walk the roads, which were nicely packed by the snowmobiles, and see if we could find the short trail that runs off of one of the roads and up Frye Mtn. and also check to see if the Frye Mountain Trail crossed the road we thought it did on a previous hike.

It had been gray when we left home but had mostly cleared when we arrived and was 34 degrees with a bit of wind. Right at the start we met a couple with their young children and then right after a snowmobile. We walked  past where the trail we were looking for should have been, to a gate and then turned around. I'm not sure where we were on the road, hence the question mark. The footing was excellent but it had been fairly hilly so we got a good work out. We took a short detour at an intersection to check out the trail crossing - we had been correct- and then continued our walk back. We had seen no one since the people at the start and then near the end a second snowmobile and a couple walking with a dog.

I only took pictures of the roads today.

It actually cooled some- down to 30 by the end but had been a beautiful day with the sun and the snow. I had expected lots more traffic on a pretty Sunday  but we mostly had it to ourselves and that was nice. Kelley seemed to enjoy the nice footing as I did.  2  1/2 hours


  1. Most of our Chicago snow is gone already. Just a few dirty piles left in the shaded areas.

    We got to go hiking in Kentucky over the weekend. It felt good to get out!

    1. We still have lots and more forecast for tomorrow . I saw your post and love to beach comb.


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