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Friday, November 30, 2012

11/29/12 Kebo Mountain Area

Cold ( about 30) , sunny, but windy so it felt cooler. I checked the park website in the morning which said the loop road would close 12/1 but when we arrived we found it already closed. We drove to the end of Kebo St. and parked by the closed gate for that enrance and walked up the deserted road to the kebo trail head

The trail up Kebo is fairly steep and rocky but short and presented no problems for Kelley. The trail down the other side is a bit rougher and  Kelley had to do a couple of minor work arounds. We then took the Hemlock Trail over to the Hemlock Rd. and from there down to the Tarn.

For Grace who was concerned about Kelley and the cold. I did not manage to catch her laying in the water but she did so several times- here and at other spots.

The water was very clear- everything here is under water

Some color in an otherwise somewhat drab enviornment

From the Tran we went to the Jesup Path. This trail passes through a sometimes  very wet marshy area and until they recently built this boardwalk it was often under water

When we reached the intersection with the Hemlock Road we took that trail back to the loop rd. From this point it is no longer really a road but a narrow pretty trail.

The hike had taken less time than expected so we added the Great Meadow Loop . The trail mostly follows close by the roads but some were closed and there was little traffic on the others so it was a pleasnt walk. Near the end I saw a deer standing in the brush  not far from us. I got my camera out and took a picture and she reamined still but watching us. I moved a litle trying for a clearer shot and then a younger deer appeared. Up to this point kelley had not noticed them even though she was right next to me.  When she did notice them , she came to attention but did not move and the deer then bolted.

Even adding the last loop the hike only took two hours but it was pleasant and Kelley was excited to be on trails she had not been on in some timse


  1. Very nice. Enjoyed seeing the deer and fawn.

  2. Thanks John- I did too and was glad Kelley did not take off after them.

  3. Love the shots of the deer! How cool that you were able to get some nice photos of them. Kelley is a good dog for not trying to chase the deer.

  4. Thanks for commenting Linda- she is a good dog.

  5. Does Kelley usually chase the Deer? I used to have a Black Lab that was a deer hunter. Eventually had to fence in the back yard because once she saw the deer she was off, never chased anything else though.

  6. Hi Malta- Kelley has never chased deer - she thinks all people and creatures are her friends. She had an encounter with a bear- lots of activity but not a scratch on her. see the post


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