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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

11/6/12 U. Maine Trails

Cold ( upper 20's ) and partly cloudy. We hadn't been to the trails at the university in awhile so that's where we headed.

Our first little bits of snow

There were lots of  puddles with a skin of ice- some with interesting designs - Kelley beat me to most of them.

As usual we had problems following the map and ended up at the corn field loop by walking through a field rather than on one of the trails on the map. We have been hiking - and skiing here for years and I have never seen corn in this huge meadow which is encircled by the trail.

As she was exploring the field another dog appeared and Kelley got to play a bit

Turned out to be a pretty good 2  3/4 hour hike.


  1. Some terrific photos again today. The dogs don't look cold at all.

  2. Thanks John- They don't look cold- I don't know about the other dog but i have never seen Kelley look or act cold - even at -20

  3. Do you two hike as much in the winter?

  4. Hi Malta- Because of Kelley's problem with her knees ( see her story top right)she needs a good amount of regular exercise and we hike most days and all year round. She loves the snow.

  5. HI John...You just had to show that bit of snow now didn't you ..haha!!
    I like snow, but moving it is a real pain "literally"!
    The ice and leaves shots are brilliant!!
    "Yippy" look at those dogs run..wish I still could!! I was a runner until my knee quit..lucky for Kelley her's is still running!!

  6. Hi Grace - Thanks for your comment. Kelley really likes snow and gets excited like a child- especially deep powdery snow. I used to run too- got up to half marathons but no longer run.

  7. Hey John,
    Alittle snow is good for November huh? Great pictures.

    I really enjoy stopping by.


  8. Hi Julie - I appreciate you stopping by and commenting. Snow predicted for next two days. Kelley loves it.


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