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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

11/27/12 Dynamite Brook Road Area

Cold  ( 20's) with a mix of sun and clouds that turned into all clouds but no wind so pretty good hiking. Supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow so we wanted to get in a good one today. We had explored part the trails at the end of Dynamite Brook Rd. and decided to do some more exploring today. All of the paths on the map above are approximate as I could not find a map containing any of them. Most pictures from today not viewable because of mis-set camera.

We followed the trail  ( theses are mostly old woods roads) to the right first- we had taken it to a 't' last time. At the 't' we turned left and followed it to a fork. The right fork took us to Fox pond

We went back and took the left fork but that only took us to a gate at the road. Back to the 't' and continued on the right arm. That became an old road that was still getting some use but had an occasional view

We took that to a cleared area with a parked bulldozer where some kind of project was in progress ( but no one around) . We turned back and tried a couple more trails but they mostly just wandered through woods and fields and we returned to where we had parked

Then we headed down the trail on the left toward Redmans Beach on Donnell Pond to have our lunch.

 I thought Kelley would be happy about the pond but she only went in a short ways and did not swim.

 After lunch we returned to where we had parked. Not a bad outing as it was all easy for Kelley with no rocks to jump and only one blow down to skirt . 3  1/2 hours


  1. Hi John...Maybe the water is getting to cold on those old bones!!
    Nice that the walking is still dry under foot, and we got only light flurries here today!!
    It has been a different fall season!!

  2. Hi Grace- The cold hasn't bothered her before- we will see. It has been an odd fall. Snow would almost be nice just to cover all the dead brown.


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