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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

11/19/12 Walden

Cold but sunny. Still below freezing at 10:00 when we went to Walden. Kelley was a little disappointed that most of the water had a thin covering of ice. She does not like ice that breaks beneath her feet. Just before we ended our walk she found some open water to get into. We met no other people or dogs so had a very quiet hour and a half.


  1. We sure have gotten some chilly night's but the days couldn't be any better!!
    Poor Kelley I didn't think about ice on the water, that's a bummer : )!!
    Ice does produce some beautiful patterns though!!

  2. You ice pattern photos are really cool!

  3. Thank you both Grace and Linda for your comments- Kelley usually manages to find some open water in spit of the ice.


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