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Thursday, October 13, 2011

11/12/11 Sunkhaze

A cool cloudy day. Kelley did not mind and was happy to be out and hiking. We first took the Carter Meadow Road to the trail that goes past the observation platform but this time we continued the loop back to the road. It was pleasant with no mosquitoes. These pictures are from that portion of the hike.

We then moved up the road to the Oak Point Trail. This is the only picture from that portion as, unlike the other trail, there were many mosquitoes that swarmed whenever I stopped to try and take a picture.

A nice outing in spite of the mosquitoes which were not bad if we kept moving. 2 1/2 hours


  1. Very nice fall color. I'm surprised that you have not had a hard frost yet (doesn't that kill off the mosquitoes?)

  2. Thanks John. It got down to 28 - apparently that wasn't enough or more hatched with the warm weather after

  3. John, great as usual. Our fall color is brown.
    Still super dry here. If I was younger Oh well !! Just enjoying your stories and photos. Thanks Bill

  4. Thanks Bill- Sorry to hear the drought continues. Lots of water here-you aren't that old


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