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Saturday, October 29, 2011

10/28/11 Parkman, Gilmore, and Sargent

Bright sunny day but cold ( around 40) and windy ( 30 mph). We started from Rte 3 and took the Parkman Mountain Trail instead of our usual route up the Bald Mtn. Trail. This is a harder trail but thought we would give it a try.

After a few bushwhacks and about 3 boosts we made it . Kelley did not seem deterred and continually ran ahead in her excitement to be on the trail ( yesterday we did only a short walk downtown).
We continued on the trail to the Gilmore Peak and though there are some steep sections Kelley managed them all ( and the rest of the hike) without assistance.

From the Gilmore we dropped down to the Grandgent to go up to Sargent and you can see a bit of the snow we encountered at elevation.

The wind and cold made for a short stay at the summit of Sargent

We took the Maple Spring down from the Sargent S. Ridge and found these nice lichen

The trail drops down to the stream ( a happy event for Kelley) and then follows it. It is a pretty trail but does not always have the best footing.

A nice hike that Kelley seemed to tolerate well and happily. 3 1/2 hours. She was a little gimpy when we got home ( me too) but is fine this morning.


  1. First snow I've seen in your pics this fall. Will heavy snow keep you two closer to home?

  2. That's the first snow 8-12 inches forecast for tonight. Heavy snow keeps us off some trails but not if snow shoers have packed them down for us. We tend to do more on the carriage roads and trails without tricky footing.

  3. Love teh mountain pictures! I can't believe the energy you put out each day!

  4. Thanks PP - Kelley , because of her knee problems needs lots of exercise and it's been very good for me too- body and soul.


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